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Caroline's Books and Short Stories

Caroline's writing is currently available on Wattpad 

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OoHL final cover.jpg

Out of His League

After a spontaneous fling in Vegas with her favourite baseball player, Gretchen Harper starts to wonder if one night can possibly turn into forever.

Available wherever books are sold, published by W by Wattpad Books, part of the Wattpad Webtoon Book Group

Western Heat_Final.jpg

Western Heat

When long estranged Jake returns to West Line Ranch, Liz can't help but sense that they're in for a world of trouble - though as the two become closer, Liz becomes torn between her family and the man she's starting to fall for.

Book 1 of the West Brothers series

Western Connection 3 .png

Western Connection

Brady is the fixer in the family. Ranch equipment, cattle fencing, his estranged father's situation. On top of everything going on in his life, fate has put the beautiful Caitlin Fenshaw and her predicament in his path. Is he ready to open his heart to someone else, when he is still figuring out who he is?

Book 2 of the West Brothers series

Books: Work
Books: Work
Western Spark.png

Western Spark

A companion collection of prequel short stories, deleted scenes, and maybe a recipe or two, all from The West Brothers series!


How did Peony first come to the ranch? What was Brett really like? Meet the people and the animals that make West Line Ranch not just a place, and read the stories that are part of the generous, yet complicated West family history.


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Western Flame

Tanner West has dedicated his life to West Line Ranch. He gave up college and his dreams to take over the ranch for his father when his mother died.

He also left the only woman he's ever loved. Now that she's back in his life, will he take the chance he's been given to make it right?

Book 3 of the West Brothers Series

A Royal Deception Cover.jpg

A Royal Deception - Season 2

Being hired to trick the crown prince of Valandria into falling in love with her is maybe the last thing Chicago-born Edwina "Eddie" Shaw thought she'd be doing after losing her waitressing job. But when her hot as hell ex-boyfriend suddenly comes motorcycling back into her life, that's exactly what he hires her to do. The problem? No one warned her the prince had arms like a lumberjack and abs like a Greek god. No one warned her he had a sweet spot for rescue horses, a laughable inability to dance, and a wicked way with his hands. But Eddie WAS warned about one thing: her job is to make the prince fall in love with her, not to fall in love herself. Otherwise, breaking his heart might just mean breaking her own in the process...

Short Stories

First, Finally, and Forever.png

First, Finally and Forever

The best parts of a romance are when emotional and physical connections collide. When two people meet, their first kiss, when they finally realize they love one another, and when a promise for forever is made.

Each mini-story in this anthology is a chance to experience that heady sensation when the attraction, longing, confession, or declaration happens.

The Fish (2).png

The Fish

What would you do to get back to the ones you love? How hard would you fight to escape?


This short story was written and submitted for consideration to a Wattpad Paid anthology, based on a provided prompt - "The one that got away". 

A Night of Declarations Anthology Cover (Wattpad Book Cover).png

A Night of Declarations

Declarations and second chances are bound to  happen when two hearts connect on a rainy Valentine's night. 


This short story is part of the Unleashed - A Valentine's Anthology hosted by the @WritersConnx profile. 

His Favourite colour - 2.png

His Favourite Colour

Rohan is waiting for a blind date on Valentine's Day not knowing what to expect, when Miriam arrives. One impromptu art tour around Ottawa's Byward Market, and a dance with a playful bear later, their lives are forever changed, on the most romantic night of the year.

This short story is part of the Lucky In Love? A Valentine Anthology, hosted on the @paidstories profile.

Protecting Jess Variation 1 (1).png

Protecting Jess

Headstrong and independent, Jess Nichols doesn't need anyone's pity over the murder of her estranged father, least of all from the cop assigned to protect her family. As the investigation goes deeper, she turns to him to help her make sense of the family secrets it reveals.

He proves to be exactly what she needs, but can she trust the feelings she has for him aren't fueled by the danger they are facing?

For Alice, With Love variation 2 (1).png

For Alice, With Love

When Amelia took over managing the Smith Estate for Chris Smith's mother, he'd still been happily married in the city, far away from her memories of their one kiss at Alice's funeral, and her long-broken heart. 

But here he was, freshly divorced and moving back. As handsome and sexy as ever, acting like a class-A jerk, making a mess wherever he goes. 

Can they remember what drew them together all those years ago, or is it too late?

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