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Reads, Reads, Reads!

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

No deep thoughts from me this week, just some interesting updates on my Wattpad read stats.

For those not familiar, every time a chapter in a Wattpad story is read by a unique visitor, the read count goes up by 1. So if a reader reads your entire book, and it is 35 chapters, you get a +35 to your read count. Writers have access to completed reads per part in their story stats, which is always interesting to look at. It is a good indicator on which chapters capture readers, and which ones they skip!

So with that in mind, here are some fun updates on my currently best read stories!

Protecting Jess has hit 100,000 reads!

I started writing this book in 2014, and finished it in 2017, and posted it up between October of 2017 and April of 2018. It languished, with barely any reads until I was more prominently featured on Wattpad in 2019. Slowly but surely it has gained some following, which I am thrilled about! FYI, it is still free to read!

For the book to hit this reader milestone, it means a great deal. This was the first book I wrote sex scenes in, was the first book where I added in something controversial like a mass shooting. I am desperate for some time to do a rewrite on it, and more firmly cement it into the same universe as the West Brothers series. Shaun makes a cameo appearance in Western Connection, and I may just bring in Jess later on. You never know! This was also my first foray into Western/country themed romance. I discovered I enjoyed writing in this subgenre very much!

A Royal Deception - Season 2 is still posting, and I'm so pleased it is gaining some reads along the way! I do know that Wattpad stories tend to do better once they are completely posted, so I am crossing my fingers that the reads will ratchet up further once the finale is dropped later on this Spring.

I really would love for this story to take off, have more people click and get hooked. I loved writing the fun, sexy scenes, putting the main character Eddie into some impossible situations, showcasing her smart yet bumbling personality. It is a RomCom that will hopefully give you laughs and feels.

I hope you check it out, if you haven't.

Some other read stats:

Out of His League is now sitting at 1.23 million reads. Definitely slowing down from the initial fervor, but I'm over the moon at how well this story has done! As I announced earlier this month, the (much improved and expanded) book will hit bookshelves next Spring, published by Wattpad Books!

Western Heat keeps chugging along, with just over 219,000 reads. Definitely not as popular a book as my first Paid Stories foray, since it is a bit niched in its subgenre. I'm still excited that this sexy, adult contemporary country-themed romance book has done so well!

If you are curious as to how I am positioning the West Brothers Series, think Yellowstone meets Heartland. So... Horses, ranches, good vibes, exciting drama, family secrets, and plenty of sex!

First, Finally, and Forever, which is my micro story romance collection, is almost at 6,000 reads! What? that is amazing! This compilation is where I post my meet-cutes, romantic moments, ideas that I'm not sure would make full books, that kind of thing. Included is a chapter with a deleted scene from Out of His League! This micro story book was the first writing I put up on Wattpad, and I keep adding new snippets now and again.

Wattpad has such a unique position in the storytelling world. It is part social-media site, part content aggregator, part publisher. When I first started using the site, I had absolutely no idea that I could go from obscure amateur writer to published author simply using and leveraging the opportunities from Wattpad themselves!

It has been a wild ride, and I truly do believe we are just getting started. ❤

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