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Hiatus Notice + I Want Your Ideas!

No new blog post today, I’m in the throes of packing and getting ready for our month-long epic adventure into Northern Ontario with our RV, as well as still working full time.

My office for the next month!

Just a reminder, this spot will be on hiatus from this week onwards, and for the month of August while we travel. I want to pare down the amount of work I have while we are enjoying Lake Superior sunsets and the absolute beauty of our country.

Currently, my house looks like a bomb went off, and scattered laundry and camping supplies everywhere!

I did want to say I’m happy a few people have found my little blog, and I hope you are enjoying it! I am trying to draw new readers in with content, but my blog is also a chance to write something a little different than both my romance novels and my day job, where I am a technical writer, creating user manuals.

I love writing. In all forms and genres, really. I don’t think I could ever NOT write!

In the interim, I want to ask my readers if there is a subject or idea you would like me to blog about when I am back in September. It can be anything writing, Wattpad, or book related, I’m game to take it on! So send me your ideas as a comment here, on my Wattpad profile, or to any of my social media accounts.

I’m also game for guest posts from fellow writers/editors/book lovers, no matter what you read or write, or where you are! I can’t offer compensation, but I love a good collaboration to feed the soul!

So enjoy your summer, see you in September, and JOYFUL reading and writing, everyone! ♥


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