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Buy Me a Coffee!

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

I have been asked what it is like to write my books full time, for a living. Most are surprised when I tell them I don’t! I have a full time day job working for the Canadian Government on top of the books I write in my off hours.

This is what pays the bills.

I love my job, the work is interesting, and funnily enough, I am a writer there too! Just in a very different way. But the lure of being a full time romance writer? Can’t say that isn’t romantic in some fashion. Not feasible right now, but maybe someday.

However, for the past year and a bit, I have been making some money from my writing. With books in the Paid Stories program on Wattpad, a Wattpad commissioned season of a book series, and now, a book going to print, there is some income to offset the extra hours I work. If I was to try to calculate it out to an hourly wage...

Well, let’s not do that. Hah.

But... The extra money was a welcome relief last year when my husband was laid off due to the Pandemic. We needed that bit of extra cash to ensure we didn’t slip on important expenses. I don’t know what we would have done without it.

Fast forward to this year. Husband started a fantastic new job, I’ve been promoted. Life is good, despite our continued lockdown. I’m looking for ways to increase the earnings I get from my writing, which is hard because I only have so many hours in the day to write. I don’t put out four books a year, and the idea of self-publishing a book onto Kindle gives me the wibblies!

I was asked not too long ago if I had a Patreon account. I had heard about the site, but didn’t think writers used it much (wrong, lots of your favourite writers are on there!). I was also uncomfortable with that kind of thing, asking people to support me financially, and the extra content I would need to create was above and beyond what I already struggle to get done. It was a lot to consider.

So no, I do not have a Patreon. I did log on and check it out, and found a couple of my favourite Webtoon artists on there which was an automatic support! If you have a chance, you really need to check out Junepurrr who creates Sub Zero.

Also look up Lilydusk who creates Midnight Poppyland, and Jouki who creates Phase. Note: Both have NSFW illustrations on their Patreons. They're gorgeous and super steamy, but may not be suitable for younger audiences.

It got me thinking, as a few others asked. I jokingly said “Buy me a coffee if we ever meet in person!” and someone said, “Well I can right now, just sign up to one of those sites that lets us!”

So I took a deep breath, and did.

You’ll find me on under my Social Media handle and Wattpad name MustangSabby. I have a direct link on my website header, as well as links in my Wattpad profile.

I’m still figuring it all out, so bear with me, but if you so choose and want to offset my caffeine expense, now you can! I'm still not completely comfortable asking for donations like this, but I need to remember that it is okay to ask people to support me, and to promote myself as a writer. I need to be my own best advocate for the hard work I do, right?

I love all the feedback I get on my writing. Comments, votes, messages of support. Those support me in my heart, and keep me going. Interacting with readers fuels creativity and drive to keep writing, which is priceless.

In the end, I’m really lucky that I get to follow my dreams writing these books, and now, make money with them!

Having financial support via Paid Stories, royalties and this (new to me) tip site means the hours and hours I put into my books is compensated. It helps us make ends meet in our home, buys books/equipment I need to further my craft... Reinvesting in my writing.

It helps me to keep reaching.♥

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