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Book Cover Reveal - Out of His League

Hi Everyone! I am writing to you from the road with some exciting news! Today we officially revealed the new cover for my upcoming book Out of His League! The reveal happened this morning via Frolic's newsletter — sign up for it and check out their amazing content here: — and via the official W by Wattpad page.

And now, here it is, my new cover! I'm really excited about having an illustrated cover, one that has Josh and Gretchen on the front, right at the moment it all started.

It took a lot of hard work to get to this point and this is a team effort from some amazing Wattpad people! Creativity and expert knowledge goes into every book you see published. From the edits to the blurbs, the cover to the promotional strategy, every author has a team behind them. I'm very lucky that for my debut book I am able to learn the process with some really supportive folks at Wattpad. Please do also have a look at the other books that are launching with the W by Wattpad imprint! is the link to see all of them! Some amazing authors are on this list, and I'm humbled to share this exciting lineup with them! That's it for now, I hope all are enjoying their summer, and let me know what you think, in the comments!

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