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Out of His League

Gretchen Harper has always been practical. Dependable, solid, predictable. She’s never taken risks, and she’s especially never bought coffee for gorgeous professional athletes in airports. That is, until she meets her favorite baseball player on the worst day of his career.

Being sent to the minor league is just the first of Joshua Malvern’s many worries—he’s got an injury that won’t heal and his entire career and future are on the line. When a beautiful woman offers him coffee, that simple kindness is exactly what he needs to lift him out of his funk. He asks her to join him in first class, not expecting to end up joining her in bed.

What starts as a one night stand ends up holding the promise for so much more. And while stepping out of her comfort zone has never been Gretchen’s style, for a chance at true love she’ll have to decide whether she’ll swing for the fences, even if it means striking out. And Josh will have to step up to the plate.

Praise for Out of His League

Ridhima, Goodreads review

I had read this book before when it was on Wattpad and i loved it then and i love it even more now! The chemistry between Gretchen and Joshua is amazing, with the dialogue a solid 10/10. I also loved the baseball aspect, i'm not an avid sport fan but i like the mix of romance and sport in this context! Definitely looking to read more books by Caroline Richardson!! 

Jordan L, Reviewer

I LOVED THIS BOOK! It was such a cute and easy read but also deep enough to make you feel invested in the characters and the relationships. I have never been super into baseball but I loved reading about the ins-and-outs of how the clubs work. I also loved the sommelier aspect and learning more about their career as well! I devoured this book in one day. This was my first read by this author but will definitely not be my last.

Lindsay E, Reviewer

Any book that involves a hot baseball player and a fling, you know is going to deliver! Out of His League by Caroline Richardson was so good I couldn't put it down. This is definitely a one sitting read! This book makes you laugh, warms your heart, and shed a few tears! Hands down this was an out of the park home run!

Batter up... for love


Publishers Weekly Review:

Richardson (Western Heat) delivers a story of love at first sight in this captivating baseball romance. Sommelier Gretchen Harper spots her favorite baseball player, Joshua Malvern, in an airport on the way to Vegas. She’s about to fangirl over him when she notices he seems upset and decides to offer him a coffee rather than ask for an autograph. Turns out he’s been demoted to the minors, and a pick-me-up from a lovely blonde stranger is just what he needs. Immediately drawn to each other, they give in to their desires over a hot and heavy weekend. It’s uncharacteristic for them both, and when sex rapidly turns to love, Gretchen is unsure if she can commit to a long-distance relationship, and Joshua is afraid of getting distracted and losing his focus on the game. Will they be able to overcome their reservations or will they eventually strike out? The romance develops too fast for readers averse to instalove, but Richardson does a good job balancing the sweet and steamy scenes with backstory and internal monologues that flesh out her leads. Their chemistry is undeniable, and it’s enjoyable to watch their attraction grow. Fans of sports romances will find plenty to enjoy.

Monica Florczyk, Goodreads review

I loved this book. Characters that make you fall in love with them and root for great things to happen for them! Sweet and funny a great beach read! Of course with the perfect ending!

Patricia K, Reviewer

I’m getting on a plane to Vegas right freaking now. The second I opened this book I could not stop until I was finished. It has everything. Baseball butts, best friends, wine, heartbreak, and SPICE. Joshua and Gretchen have undeniable chemistry which makes you want to buy a flight to vegas and have a whirlwind romance that starts with coffee. It is a must-read, definitely something I will be recommending to everyone!

Hayley H, Reviewer

This book started out really fast and it felt like the story would be over in no time but like any good romcom story there is always twists and turns. I read this book in no time as I was hooked on it. The Story line is something I've not come across in romcoms and I have read a lot so it was a nice change to have my favourite genre told in a different way. I think the only downside is I would have liked a paragraph at the end from a few years down the line, with both the main characters stating they would like to start a family, I would like to read a little bit about that happening at the end. This book is definitely worth a read!!

Angelina C, Reviewer

This book is fantasy inducing hot! AND the plot line was enjoyable. These two things are not always found in the same book, so it was quite enjoyable! The hero of the story is the all-American dream: professional baseball player, gorgeous, thoughtful, focused, and not a playboy. The heroine is living this girls dream: tastes wine for a living (also known as a sommelier), and travels to amazing locales to do it. And when they meet it’s fire! Sprinkle in some personal crisis and a quirky best friend, and I couldn’t put it down. Highly recommended!

Allie SImmons, Goodreads review


Hello, new book boyfriend!

To say I loved this book is an understatement... No, seriously. This book is everything a little rom-com book should be. The story was so cute and sweet. I typically do not like books that feature anything sports related, but this one was done so perfectly. The chemistry between the two main characters was great and it had such a stellar list of supporting characters. I absolutely adored it from beginning to end.

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